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Our goal is to help you return to the quality of life you used to enjoy before your injury or illness - as quickly as possible and in the most caring, compassionate environment imaginable. Rehab Services is a privately owned therapy practice serving the residents of Winnemucca, Elko, and Rexburg, Idaho. While the majority of our care takes place in our outpatient rehabilitation clinics, we also provide therapy services to school children, skilled nursing facility residents, hospital patients and those in home care settings.

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Therapy in Nevada

Illness and injury can bring about many frightening changes in your life. Where once you may have been able to move and to speak with ease, in a matter of years, days or even minutes, you might find yourself unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks. At Rehab Services, we understand your need to regain your independence. While we all know that life is a precious gift, we understand that for our patients, quality of life may be an even more precious gift.

So please be assured that as you begin your treatment with us, you will become the center focus of a very special team of diversely trained professionals who share one common goal: to help you achieve the gift of independence.

Common Injuries

Some of our most commonly treated diagnoses include, but are not limited to:

Work related injuries: Whether you lost a limb in a workplace accident or just lifted a heavy object that caused your back to give out, there is a good chance that you will require physical therapy to get back to a place of full mobility. We can help you regain these basic functions and more.

Athletic injuries: Playing sports or performing any type of athletic routine can open up possibilities for torn ligaments, strained muscles, ACL injuries, shin splints and other physical damage. Our Nevada physical therapists know that you want to get back to the sport you love with as little down time as possible, which is why we provide our patients with top-notch techniques and methods of therapy related to sports rehab.

Post-surgical treatment: Recovery time after an invasive surgical procedure is a critical time to get your body back to its normal functions. Offering occupational, speech-language and physical therapy depending on your various post-op care needs, we can work with you to get you back on your feet.

Head injuries: Surprisingly playing sports such as football and basketball are two of the highest causes for head injuries. Everything from mild concussions to traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur depending on how hard the head is hit. Patients suffering from head trauma may require speech therapy, assistance in regaining cognitive skills and help relearning how to perform basic tasks.

Spinal cord injuries: Trauma to the spinal cord can damage certain nerve endings, causing the potential for severe pain or even paralysis. Whether you were a victim of a car accident, slip and fall accident or a sport injury, our Nevada therapists can work to assist you in recovering movement and other bodily functions.

Multiple trauma: Sometimes when accidents occur, more than just one injury is involved in the end result. A typical situation that often results in multiple injuries is motor vehicle accidents, as the impact can cause a chain reaction of damage throughout the spinal cord, limbs, organs and bones. Our trained staff is prepared to assist you in assessing your situation and working with you towards complete recovery.

Amputations: If you have lost a limb from a work-related accident, athletic injury or other incident, it may seem impossible to return back to your everyday activities. With help from our qualified Nevada physical therapists, we can work to get you on the path towards enjoying your life as you knew it before your amputation injuries.

Neurological/developmental disabilities: Problems with brain development can often interfere with how an individual's central nervous system reacts and functions. This can hamper their learning, memory, emotions and how they communicate. Through speech-language pathology, our team can work with your loved one or child who may be struggling with these types of disabilities.

Neuromuscular disorders: Damage to your nerves that communicate with your voluntary muscles is a direct result of neuromuscular disorders. If you currently suffer from this, you may experience the inability to use your arms and legs, causing cramping, suffering, and joint problems. Don't let yourself suffer, but contact our office to learn how we may be able to provide you with physical therapy that can greatly strengthen your physical body.

Stroke: When there is a sudden lack of blood flow to the brain, a stroke can occur, causing hemorrhaging or blockage. Depending on the part of the brain that was affected, it can result in an inability to speak properly, move, comprehend or see correctly. With help from a speech, occupational therapy or physical therapist from Rehab Services, you can work to retrain your body how to use those various functions and strive to obtain your previous quality of life.

Musculoskeletal disorders: Whether from daily activities or an action of intense trauma to the body, the muscles, tendons and ligaments can get worn down and strained. This damage can result in serious pain, aching and may even cause alignment issues for those who suffer from it. Be sure to get in touch with our Nevada physical therapy office to learn about the exercises that our therapists can guide you through to help relieve the pain.

Neck and back disorders: There are a variety of reasons that you could be suffering from back or neck pain, whether it be from a horrible car accident, your work environment, the sports you play or a sudden movement. Disorders like sciatica, lumbar degenerative disc disease (DDD), and just general discomfort can be significantly helped with the appropriate physical therapy exercises. By performing certain exercises on a daily or weekly basis, you can work to see improvements in the way your body feels and functions.

Please allow Rehab Services the chance to help, because we are dedicated to helping you get "stronger every day." Contact our office today.

Please note that our services vary by location.