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Our goal is to help you return to the quality of life you used to enjoy before your injury or illness - as quickly as possible and in the most caring, compassionate environment imaginable. Rehab Services is a privately owned therapy practice serving the residents of Winnemucca, Elko, and Rexburg, Idaho. While the majority of our care takes place in our outpatient rehabilitation clinics, we also provide therapy services to school children, skilled nursing facility residents, hospital patients and those in home care settings.

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Pre-Employment Screening

Rehab Services offers pre-employment screening to employers as an additional help in identifying any risk factors involved when matching a prospective employee to a particular job description. Rehab Services' professionals will perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam, special tests as needed, and job-related tasks in order for the employer to determine if a prospective employee may be at risk for injury on the job.

Some types of work duties stress specific parts of the body, and some prospective employees could be at a higher risk of injury. You want your employees to remain healthy, and one of the most effective ways to evaluate a potential employee is pre-employment screening. This screening can identify the potential for future problems – before you take the step of hiring.

One of the issues that many employers face is hiring the wrong person for the job. The costs involved in hiring the wrong person are extensive, and can range from $20,000 - $100,000 based upon the situation. An injured employee is an expense, and no employer would knowingly hire a person that could be injured by performing their work duties. How do you determine who would be best suited for the job? We can help you make an informed decision through a series of tests. It is not uncommon for employers to screen applicants before hiring by doing background checks, drug tests, as well as cognitive tests. Adding a physical evaluation to your battery of tests can be extremely important, as an employee injured on the job becomes a serious problem for an employer. Some accidents cannot be avoided, but identifying physical issues in a prospective employee – before hiring – can save your company the costs and other problems that could arise.

Physical Ability Testing

Physical ability tests are an important aspect of making a decision about who to hire, particularly in jobs in which there is a great deal of physical motion, repetitive motion, lifting, and similar types of activities. Some people are at higher risk of injury due to structural weaknesses or other problem. Find out before you hire. There are enough problems in hiring the right person that everything you can do with regard to testing prior to making a decision can be extremely helpful. We offer our services to employers throughout Nevada to identify the right person for the job – and avoid hiring a person that could be injured through the duties of the job.

Any testing that involves the health of the individual must be carefully conducted within the restrictions of the law. Our testing has the goal of determining if the applicant can perform the essential tasks involved in the job, while protecting the right to privacy. A work-related physical assessment is an important part of hiring, and many employers in the area use our services as they recognize that identifying problems before they occur is the best way to operate a business. Call today for more information about our pre-employment screening program.